Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Patriotic Pair

I have been very inspired by all the jean cutoffs on Pinterest, so I decided to try my own sewing skills on a pair. Memorial Day weekend is coming up, so a patriotic pair was an given. I lucked out and found a pair of striped high waisted denim shorts and a red scarf with white stars I could use for material. This is also a DIY on how to do no fail cutoffs.

Price: I lucked out with my Goodwill finds, so my shorts and material only costed $4.50, this could easily be made for >$10 especially if you already have shorts
Time: About an hour, depending on your sewing skills
Level: Medium, because you have to use a sewing machine, a needle and thread is a possibility but with denim it would wear out your fingers
Mess: Little, only sewing scraps
List: Shorts
        Other Material
        Sewing Machine
        Sandpaper (optional)

The Steps:
1. Lay shorts flat. Then turn inside out.
2. Measure up 6 inches on the outside and make a mark, this will differ based on original length. 
3. Measure up 4 inches on the inside and make a mark, you could say just make sure the inside is 2 inches shorter than the outside. It will seems weird at first, but the angle creates a more flattering shape.
4. About an inch below your marks, draw a diagonal line, you always want to start longer than you think you will want. 
5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side. Then make sure they are the same on both sides. 
6. Draw another diagonal line on the other side, remember about an inch below your marks.
7. Cut along the dotted lines.
8. I used sandpaper to start the frayed ends on the cutoffs, of course washing them multiple times would also work.
 9. Gather your additional cloth.
10. Mine in sheer so I was able to lay it right on top of the pocket and line it up so there is about an extra inch around the pocket.
11. Pin at the corners so you know when you will you need to turn it.
12. Sew it all the way around.
13. Cut extra material, I was okay with the frayed edges, otherwise you would have to fold the edges under and sew. 
14. TA-DA! Admire your adorable shorts. Perfect for Memorial Day or Independence Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Colorful Keds

My Keds were getting a little dirty and dingy so I decided to attempt to tie dye them, luckily it worked! At the time I wasn't planning on this being a DIYIYD project so unfortunately I do not have pictures of each step. Sorry!

Price: It depends on if you have Keds or not, there are normally some at Goodwill so I would say >$10
Time: Took me about an hour. If you chose to be more artsy then longer.
Level: Easy, I am the least artistic person I know. 
Mess: Some, just water droplets here and there. 
List: Canvas sneakers
        Crayola washable magic markers

The Steps:
1. First I chose three colors that would complement each other and not turn brown when they bled together, blue purple and green, or orange yellow and red are both good combinations

2. Then I drew little doodles all over my shoes, like you do when you are bored in class. Make sure the doodles are close together so they will bleed, but not touching. Like a centimeter apart. 

3. After that take your straw and get a little water in it and drip it on the doodles. Watch the magic begin! 

4. Let your shoes dry over night, they will probably look completely different once they are dry because the colors continue to bleed while they dry. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to clarify!
Happy DIYing,
Madison Broadway